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  • Rights are the same as "reciprocal duties of the relevant kind".
  • Authority to enforce a Right must be granted voluntarily, and must be credible.
  • Aggression is any infringement of a Right  
  • Agreement regarding reciprocal duties and Authority to enforce those duties is all that is necessary to create any Right.
  • Libertarian: anyone who believes that the proper role of government in society is to maximize the Liberty of citizens.
  • Liberty is the fundamental Right, all other rights are derivative or special cases.       

Right of Liberty is expressed by acknowledging the following five principles:                        
  1. Freedom of Association  - Individuals may voluntarily form and join associations where rules/laws may be established for the exchange of property, settling of disputes, and granting of Authority among members. Freedom of Association includes the Right to dis-associate with no risk of legal penalty. 
  2. Property  - A person's creations and the fruits of their labour are that person's  "property". Every individual has the Right to use, transform, pool, and dispose of, their property in any manner they see fit, so long as such use, transformation, pooling, or disposal, does not infringe any Right. New property rights are created by agreement.
  3. Defense - Every individual may use and delegate force, or the threat of force, to protect their person and property from Aggression.                 
  4. Authority - The only legitimate form of authority is authority over self, which may be delegated, or granted, to an authoritative organization or individual. No individual may legitimately claim any authority over any other individual where it has not been explicitly granted, or implicitly granted when claiming a Right. There is no arbitrary limit to the authority that an individual may grant over self. Any individual may revoke the granting of Authority, simply by giving public notice. Where such revocation results in waiving a reciprocal Right, the individual shall be informed prior to extinguishing authority and waiving the Right.
  5. Non-signatories - Every individual is presumed to have the same Rights as signatories. This presumption is rebuttable.


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